Cherry Truluck’s practice has moved through architecture, cyberformance, theatre design, art directing, live art and professional cheffing – it still holds onto to something from all of these. Truluck’s recent work is cross-disciplinary and examines the juncture of domestic space and performance through the lens of feminism and food.

Since moving to the Kent coast in 2014, she has begun to work with food to explore communal domesticity, creating pop-up dinners for 20-30 diners in her front room and making architectural models out of food. This work particularly focuses on the idea of home as local/site and tests new methodologies for claiming space including foraging for food and collaborating with local food producers.

Truluck is an associate artist for LAStheatre and has previously collaborated with Alberta Jones, as Lucky Bert, on performance design and curatorial projects. Her career as a theatre designer and art director has spanned 15 years, encompassing award-nominated designs and international recognition. She studied at Central Saint Martins (2000), The Bartlett UCL (2003) and Wimbledon College of Art (2007).