Month: December 2019

Mouthfeel [and the Toothache Disco]

Part of  Something Held in the Mouth at Custom Folkestone, October 2019: a collective sensorial experience using ingredients inspired from the Mouthings programme. A special meal focusing on the somatosensory system, responsible for the physical sensation of taste known as ‘mouth feel’. A meal to be touched, sensed, examined with the tongue, the teeth, the mouth


Magic Carpets Platform 2019 NEAR:BOWER is a moment of intersection, an architecture of coincidence, a node in a constellation. A geographical link between two people from opposite sides of the tracks pinpoints an apparently random location for breaking bread along the abandoned railway – the potential for communion between two strangers at an imaginary industrial-scale

A Coastal Town

Creative Folkestone Launch, March 2019 A story of a town in transition The Gardens & allotments of East Cliff:   crunchy new season radishes ‘planted’ in edible miso soil The Wild spaces of the Folkestone Downs: Reindeer moss fried in butter and dusted with cep powder; Wild garlic & winterbourne shaw cheese tarts with wild


Performative meal in collaboration with Mira Albrecht at Custom Folkestone, October 2018 A menu taken from cloth dying guides Borscht: When using beets and other vegetables for natural clothing dye, it’s always best to begin with a natural fibre cloth. Boil the beets. Cover the beets in your large pot (large enough to accommodate whatever item

Woodland Kitchen

Working with the Ash Project (Kent Downs AONB), a field kitchen was set up in a forest of dying ash trees, to feed the volunteers re-planting new species to protect the future resilience of the woodland.