Cherry Truluck (b. 1981 London, UK) is an artist and chef living and working out of Folkestone, UK.  Through her own work and as chef/director of Custom Folkestone, she seeks to rethink the structures of food production, commodification and communality. She does this through participatory art interventions, curatorial projects and research, creating sensory and site-specific eating experiences. Her poetic narratives of the journey from ground to gut unpick the concept of ‘local’.  Her work is multi-disciplinary, strongly visual and often collaborative.

Cherry founded Custom Folkestone in 2018.  It has quickly become a hub for artists and activists whose work centres on food and food growing.  The organisation centres on a ‘hyperlocal’ restaurant, connecting to the community through a system of bartering and exchange which allows interaction between the restaurant kitchen and the allotments and smallholdings of East Kent.  Art programmes “Vessel” and “Something Held in the Mouth” established it as the UK’s first food-focused art space. 

Recent work by Cherry includes: “A Meal in 6 Landscapes”, a communal meal commissioned by Delfina Foundation, London for the launch of their publication The Politics of Food; “Mouthfeel [and the Toothache Disco]”, a multisensory eating experience that is part of ongoing exploration into the sensation of touch inside the mouth, created at Custom Folkestone with DJ Feralchild. Through Custom Folkestone she has led a series of popular Community Feasts, each in collaboration with a local artist of a different nationality (so far covering Eritrea, Brazil and Zimbabwe) and bringing local people together to experience the breadth of culture and food within their own community. In 2019, Cherry was a commissioned artist for Creative Europe Platform Magic Carpets, creating Near:Bower, a project connecting people from isolated communities through the experience of a poetic landscape of locally foraged food and drink.