The Architecture of Anxiety

Exhibition October -November 2017

27 Guildhall Street, Folkestone


Whilst the historic assumption that man builds and woman inhabits is gradually eroded, artists & feminists must still negotiate the physical, political and personal environments it has engendered. “The Architecture of Anxiety”  employs feminist strategies to explore the psychophysical experience of the uncertainty of space and imagine a new architecture.

Curated by Cherry Truluck, The Architecture of Anxiety is an intensive programme of research through practice in partnership with Folkestone Fringe. The focal exhibition at 27 Guildhall Street brought together work by artists Sarah Baxter, Nicola Hunter, Alberta Jones, Emily Speed, Lucy Thane, Cherry Truluck and The Folkestone (Summer) School of Economics to explore feminist interactions in space through the various lenses of body politics, mental health, architectural design, food, protest and the economy.