Cherry Truluck founded ActiveLayers alongside artists Suzon Fuks (Australia), James Cunningham (Australia) and Liz Bryce (New Zealand) in 2008. Their groundbreaking work in the field of cyberformance questioned the concepts of proximal and architectural space and networked performance. They were instrumental in the development of cyberformance platform “UpStage” and later “Waterwheel” – created by Suzon Fuks as “a forum for experience and exchange, expression and experimentation”.

Re-Calling Home
 Cyberformance symposium, hosted by UpStage and Waterwheel. ActiveLayers gave a performance presentation about their work Calling Home.
  Aquifer (Fountain)

Upstage101010 festival and Waterwheel

Live online performance with ActiveLayers, using multiple platforms. This work formed an early stage in Suzon Fuks’ interest in making work which addressed international issues around water.
  Calling Home

Upstage080808 festival

Live online performance with ActiveLayers.  The performance followed four characters across different geographical locations, taking place live on four separate ‘stages’ on UpStage (viewable as separate webpages).
  The Old Hotel 1,2 &3

Upstage 070707 festival and Sitelines 210407

Live online and site specific performance with ActiveLayers, directed by Mark Swetz and Cherry Truluck with an on-site audience in London and international online audience, simultaneously viewing the live performance.