A Coastal Town


Creative Folkestone Launch, March 2019

A story of a town in transition

The Gardens & allotments of East Cliff:   crunchy new season radishes ‘planted’ in edible miso soil
The Wild spaces of the Folkestone Downs: Reindeer moss fried in butter and dusted with cep powder; Wild garlic & winterbourne shaw cheese tarts with wild herbs, all served on tree bark
Rock pools on the Warren:  Clear seaweed broth with oyster ‘pebbles’ and lobster oil ‘sand’
The Stade: [served on a tray of chipped ice] Cockles & Whelks from Bob’s Seafood with dipping dishes of wild pepper and chilli vinegar (served in recyclable plastic pots with colourful cocktail forks) and miniature crab sandwiches on home made soda bread
Historic Folkestone:  “Folkestone Pudding Pie” to Mrs Beaton’s recipe, topped with Ottinge Court Creme Fraiche